How to get organized and prepared for an upcoming long-distance move

Embarking a long-distance move is not a small thing. The journey might take as long as hundreds or thousands of miles until you will arrive at your new destination. However, we are giving you long distance moving tips to get organized and prepared well for a successful long-distance move ahead of you.

While moving several miles across the country, the phases of preparation may often show to be serious for the complete success of the perfect home moving operation.

What is required from you is to get ready for your forthcoming long-distance move and you will be assured of a better journey.

Long-distance moving tips

1. Take total control of your upcoming preparation

In preparing for a long-distance move, have proper management of your time well before your move-out day.

2. Hire the professional and qualify long distance movers

Getting quotations from several cross-country movers is easy to achieve however, you must be guided on how not to get anyhow mover. What is required from you is to categorically get the best long distance moving company for your journey. To do this, it is beneficial to compare Wellington movers or Auckland furniture removal companies if moving between the two cities. It doesn’t take much effort to compare and the savings in both time and money is worthwhile.

3. Take the stock of your home and arrange your items

One of the excellent ways to arrange for a long-distance move is to know the actual items you are moving with in order create a good plan of action. Take proper inventory of your whole home by checking room to room and put down all the household items that can be seen in each one. 

The possessions should be sorted out, into four groups: move, donate, sell, and recycle.

4. Decide on what to do with your furniture

The economical way to prepare for a long-distance move is to leave behind any bulky furniture pieces while moving. Make an assessment of your furniture pieces in your home and check if it is necessary to move them to your new location. Have in mind that the majority of the furniture pieces are heavy, and the cost of moving them for long-distance may be expensive, it will be economical to leave most of the furniture behind and purchase a new one after the move.

5. Cut all the unwanted items

The number of items to be moved including their entire weight will determine the cost of moving between the two homes. The cost of your moving can be cut considerably by taking away the unwanted items and take along only the belongings you will need in the nearest time. The items to take along or leave behind can be chosen by following the a-year rule, which simply means that you do not need an item that has not been used for over 12 months. Some properties that still have a commercial value should be sold either through the online or at a garage sale before the journey started and this will save you a bit of cash.

6. Get specialized or not – specialized packing help

The greatest way to move in long-distance is to get packing assistance, maybe from friends and relatives or qualified packers. As you know that packing for a move is not easy to be accomplished by one person, make easy work of it and give your helpers plenty of snacks and a good feed.

7. Begin packing as soon as possible

While you are getting ready to move house, have in mind that packing for a move is a matter of time and a time-consuming task, so start your packing as soon as possible. Moving long distance requires a lot of planning, so try and give yourself 3 months and set goals to achieve.

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